Nick Cannon, Amanda Bynes And Kenan Thompson Are 'All That' In This #TBT Pic


Nick Cannon, Amanda Bynes and Kenan Thompson on the set of "All That."

When you've been in the entertainment industry as long as Nick Cannon, Throwback Thursday is the perfect opportunity to revel in nostalgia and share your many accomplishments with the Internet. And lucky for us old-school obsessives, the "Wild 'N Out" bossman took part in the social media tradition this week by posting the photo above, which truly demonstrates that the guy's always been game for ANYTHING.

"#TBT This is why I could never be a tough guy rapper! Lol," Nick captioned the pic, which features him and Kenan Thompson dressed in drag, as well as a fresh-faced Amanda Bynes, posing together on the set of their '90s Nickelodeon's comedy show, "All That." "#NickFamily @AmandaBynes happy you are doing better," he added.

Nick's foray into women's clothing was for a sketch called "The Inconvenience Store," but we still think it's interesting how quickly people can forget their own pasts. Wasn't it just a few months ago that he called out Kevin Hart for his alleged cross-dressing incident? People in glass houses, Nick. Juuuuust sayin'.

+ Do you remember the skit from "All That"? Let's see if this will jostle your memory:

Photo: Nick Cannon's Instagram