The New 'Teen Wolf' Trailer, By The Numbers


When the new "Teen Wolf" trailer launched this week, we may or may not have watched it a few...dozen...times. There was so much to process! Kitsune? Check. People losing their minds? Absolutely. Stiles looking buffer than ever? A MOST PLEASANT SURPRISE.

Just when all was quieting down in Beacon Hills, with the Darach being too dead to terrorize and all, a new mass murderer seems to have been unleashed on the small town, and with our heroes all going a bit cray, hell hath seriously broken loose. Here's a breakdown of the most intriguing (and relieving) trailer moments, by the numbers.

Number of new faces, not including nightmare-inducing black masks: 3

While we already know a bit about Kira and the mystery murderer, there also appears to be a wise man with knowledge of a dark spirit that may or may not be puppeteering Allison. Did he really just tell Mr. Argent to off his own daughter???

Number of lycanthrope sightings: 6

Just because there's a new folklore in town doesn't mean our beloved werewolves are going anywhere. They're still fierce as ever.

Number of Derek sightings: 4

Sadly, only one of them is shirtless, but it's good to see that Derek's back and ready to fight!

Number of about-to-be-kisses: 3

It wouldn't be a proper trailer if it showed us the full-on lip-locks, but Scott and Kira, Allison and Isaac, and Stiles and someone who looks a lot like Lydia (YESSSSS!) are leaning in with major conviction.

Number of Kate Argent apparitions: 1

She's apparently taken to haunting her niece. That Argent family sure is a tough crowd!

Number of banshee screams: 0

However, just because we don't see Lydia scream doesn't mean it's going to stay that way. We have a feeling our banshee is not done signaling death.

Number of hallucinations: ?

After all those creepy promos, can we even trust that this entire trailer isn't just a two-minute trip down the rabbit hole?

+ What other standout moments did you catch in the trailer? Check it out again, and let us know in the comments!