Just How Well Do The 'Generation Cryo' Sibs Know Each Other's Faces?


The half-siblings Breeanna has met along her journey to find donor #1096 each have their own unique personalities and distinguishing physical characteristics, but one thing the "Generation Cryo" kids appear to all share are Angelina Jolie-like lips (JACKPOT!). In the premiere, when Bree had her first one-on-one with Jonah, he immediately noticed that she had the same mouth as him, his twin sister Hilit and many of the other sibs, but are their other facial features as easy to discern? We challenged the three amigos to a little game of "Family Face-Off" to see how well they know their family members' mugs, and it turns out, the task was harder than it sounded.

In the video below, Bree, Jonah and Hilit take turns holding up cut-outs of their half-siblings' eyes, noses and mouths while the other two try and guess to whom each belongs. Jayme's "hawk eyes" are easy to identify, as are Paige's peepers, but Jesse B.'s nose throws everyone for a loop. And while Hilit says she doesn't think Will looks like anyone else, the trio agree that Jesse C. is the best representation of the entire family tree. "Everybody kind of looks like Jesse," Bree says.

Check out the video, and tell us if you were able to guess whose feature was whose!