Ashley Rickards Announces The Official End Of Jenna Hamilton's Side Braid


Deuces, trademark side braid. There's a new hairstyle in Palos Hills!

Though Jenna Hamilton finally found her way back to her REAL personality -- i.e. not a pothead-jerkface who gets her guidance counselor fired -- the actress behind the teen blogger, Ashley Rickards, recently told Just Jared Jr. that the new-old J-Ham isn't entirely reverting back to her former "Awkward" self. Apparently, the new look is here to stay! Sorry in advance, fans of the peasant shirt/pulled-back hair combo.

JJJ admitted to Ashley that they thought Jenna's bad-girl style was a big step up from seasons past, and even though the driving force behind the change -- icky Collin -- is now out of J's life, the MTV star told the site that some of That Girl 2.0 stuck. "I’ve been promised the braid is not coming back," she said, effectively putting the final nail in the twisty 'do's coffin. Doesn't sound like she's too broken up about it!

Considering Jenna has rocked that thing for the better part of two years, we're going to say good riddance as well -- change is good! We're thinking a nice little bob will give her the fresh start she needs to take senior year by storm.

Photo: Matthias Clamer