'Crazy Beautiful' House Rules: You Can Always Fall Back On The Family Business


If Eli and Peyton Manning were your older brothers, you'd ask them to school you on the fundamentals of football, so it's no surprise that when Louie wanted to get involved in the music biz on tonight's "My Crazy Beautiful Life," he turned to his pop star sister and legendary songwriter mom for advice. Ke$ha and Pebe believed in the young one's drum skills, and lent a helping hand to Louie's band, Ellipsis, but made sure to use their experience to teach the boys a valuable lesson: If you want to make it big, you've gotta put in the effort.

Before flying to Alaska for a date (like we all do...), Ke$ha challenged her brother and his guitarist pal to write a song that they'd perform for her when she returned to Nashville. And when she finally did make her way back from watching bears tear into whale carcasses (so romantic!), Louie and his bud delivered. With Ke$ha, Pebe and Lagan as Ellipsis' background singers, they made us hope that the song about crushing on a pizza delivery girl will soon be available for download. We smell a hit!

Check out the family bonding over their shared love of music: