'Wild 'N Out' Comedian Emmanuel Hudson Claims He's 'Broke' In New YouTube Parody


In the entertainment biz, the rags to riches story is basically a given, but despite a successful freshman season on "Wild 'N Out," Emmanuel "Kosher" Hudson is still broke as a joke...or so he says in his latest YouTube music video. We, however, think the new song, "I'm Broke," is actually just his attempt at warding off gold-diggers (sample lyrics: "Whenever we eat, girl, it's on you. 'Cause I ain't got it. Ain't nothing in my wallet"). And who can blame him? How are you supposed to find a girl who likes YOU for YOU when you're rubbin' elbows with the likes of Nick Cannon? It's as good a litmus test as any to weed out the money grubbers. We understand, Kosher!

This isn't the first parody Kosher's put out, though. In 2012, he and his comedy partner, Phillip Hudson, released viral hit "Ratchet Girl," and the jam's popularity even helped Emmanuel land a spot in the "WNO" cast. Not bad! And hey, with all the women out there burning holes in their boyfriends' pockets this holiday season, the duo may just have another success story on their hands, but don't be surprised if the ladies fire back with the TLC classic "No Scrubs." That song did come first.

Watch the hilarious vid, and keep checking the MTV Shows Blog for more "Wild 'N Out" updates!