'Girl Code' Aha! Moment: All Talk Of Your Boyfriend's Ex Should Be Off Limits

Whether it’s why you should love your boobs or why you should not cut your own bangs, MTV’s “Girl Code” delivers fresh insight about all-too-familiar topics, and is sure to sometimes have its female viewers fervently nodding their heads while mouthing to the television screen, “Yessss, exactllllly!!!” Oprah calls that kind of catharsis an “aha! moment,” which sounds like a positive thing, so we’re highlighting a different part of the show each week that made us feel like maybe, just maybe, we’re not the loner freaks we originally assumed. Take a look at the latest below.


Unless you're one of those rare birds that is still with her high school sweetheart (aww!), chances are your current squeeze comes with some baggage in the shape of an ex-girlfriend...or five. While it's easy to let yourself get wrapped up in his past, try to remember that if you open that can of worms, it's on you to deal with the fallout. Like Shalyah says in this clip from last night's "Girl Code," don't fish for information that you don't want -- it's gonna be your own damned fault when you find out she went to Harvard and wears a size 0. Ignorance is bliss, folks.

"It's too much drama," Carly says of asking about your beau's exes. "As far you're concerned, he doesn't even have an ex!" And while that's a solid rule to follow, it's not always prying minds that release The Ghost Of Girlfriends Past. Boys can be really, really dumb, and sometimes, they volunteer the information by way of COMPARING YOU TO HER, which is...just...NO. "That's rude!" Nicole points out, and Chris of "Guy Code" backs her up with a more sobering thought: "If I'm comparing my current girlfriend to my ex-girlfriend, then I'm still not over my ex-girlfriend." And if that's the case, well, you're just plain screwed.

+ Check out the clip, and let us know if you've ever opened up Pandora's Ex-Girlfriend Box by accident!