From Astrology Nonsense To Baby-Crazy Women, Here Are Tonight's Best 'Girl Code' Quips As Memes


Is your future spelled out in the stars? You don't need Miss Cleo to figure it out, just the ladies of "Girl Code." On tonight's episode, MTV's funniest gaggle of gals broke down all things astrology for your listening pleasure, but when they came down to earth, they also touched on the proper protocol when it comes to babies. Verdict? Well, Jamie said the bundles of joy are basically just iPads, so we bet that means you have to poke and swipe at them to keep them happy. The more you know!

Between the baby craze and tips on how to handle your boyfriend's parade of ex-girlfriends, tonight's "Girl Code" advice really ran the gamut. Check out the quotes that made us ROFL, illustrated as memes, and tell us if there was a joke that left you with your own case of the giggle fits!

Nicole, on astrology's legitimacy:


Carly, on where babies come from:


Jamie, on maternal instincts:


April, on a boyfriend's EX-pectations:


Carly, on the first encounter with a BF's ex: