See How Snooki, JWOWW And Their Men Fare In A Game Of 'Who Said It?' [Video]


Best friends Snooki and JWOWW have never been stumped for conversation -- particularly conversation that involves a lot of cussing -- and what's resulted over time is a collection of one-liners that could make even Ru Paul blush. But when so many notable quotables collide, how can you decipher one wordsmith from another? We put the girls and their fiancés to the test in a fun game of Who Said It? that ultimately spawned even more memorable zingers for the record books.

From talk of Gandhi's presence in the Bible to cake wrecks, the dialogue in the video below sounds like some sort of twisted fairy tale. Jenni, who's first to guess that she once pleaded for an apparition to punch her, defends her choice of words. "If something knocks me the f**k out that I can't see, I will forever believe in ghosts," she says. For the most part, the gang is quick to detect their own -- and each other's -- speech patterns, though Snooki's not too thrilled to recall a personal quote about her former self, in which she said she "would have slept with anything that walked." Bygones, Snooks -- those days are well in the past!

+ Think you can figure out who said "I feel like I'm gonna s**t my pants and throw up at the same time"? Check out the video, and see how you stack up against Snooki, JWOWW, Jionni and Roger!