6 'Girl Code'-Approved Reasons It's Good To Be Single During The Holidays


In the summer, being single is the BEST! It's right up there with fresh lobster rolls, cool dips in the ocean, cozy bonfires and July 4th BBQs. Your only "problems" consist of how many sundresses to pack for your girls' weekend or whether to order another soft serve, but then, seemingly overnight, winter sets in. Suddenly, everyone you know is a Couple, and they're all hibernating while you're forced to endure the dark, cold nights with only a Snuggie for comfort. It's enough to make anyone feel like a Grinch!

But before you go painting your face green and stealing your ex's new girlfriend's prezzies, we wanted to let you know that you're not alone, and being single isn't a death sentence! Don't let all your smug, shacked-up friends fool you into thinking they've got it made, because being in a relationship carries its OWN unique set of worries this time of year. For all you single ladies out there who still need convincing, here's the "Girl Code" on why it's great to be unhitched this holiday season.


1. No one can judge you for watching "Love Actually" again. Or for crying for the umpteenth time when Emma Thompson bawls her eyes out to Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now," or Colin Firth professes his love to his housekeeper in broken Portuguese. HE LEARNED A LANGUAGE FOR HER, YOU GUYS.

2. You don't have to go to your boyfriend's boss's Ugly Sweater party. Hey, you know what really doesn't boost office morale? Forced social interactions in hideous, moth-eaten attire!

3. Less people to shop for. Not only do you not have to sweat over What Your Present To Your Boyfriend Says About Your Relationship, but not having a beau also means not having an entire separate set of extended family to buy meaningless gifts for!

4. You can be naughty AND nice. Go ahead and make out with that guy dressed as hot Santa you met on the Holiday Pub Crawl. (We'd make a "Ho! Ho! Ho!" joke, but being single means jingling all the bells you want, ladies, so have at 'em.)

5. This year, you might actually get what you want. Which definitely beats spending half your paycheck on an expensive watch for your man, only to find out he got you a $25 gift card to The Gap in return.

6. Being alone is WAY better than being stuck in a sh**ty relationship. Instead of lamenting about the fact that you're not with the right person, be glad you're not wasting any more time with the wrong one! Here's to fresh starts, new experiences and ringing in the New Year with someone totally worthy of your love and respect: YOU.

+ Did we miss anything? Tell us what you like best about being single for the holidays.

Credit: GIF via F***yeahbridesmaids