Is Roger Trying Hard Enough To Woo The Romance-Starved JWOWW?


Since the dawn of time (and by that, we're quite obviously referring to "Jersey Shore" Season 3), Jenni and Roger have had very different attitudes toward sex, and how much (...or little) constitutes enough. Roger's always thought the couple could do with more, but lately, he says he's felt especially starved, noting that if his fiancé put out once a week, it would be a miracle. On tonight's "Snooki & JWOWW" episode, though, JWOWW finally explained in couple's counseling that her low sex drive was a result of faltering romance, and said that most of Roger's attempts to woo her have felt insincere.

To prove he's still got some tricks up his sleeve, Roger enlisted Jionni's help to prove his commitment to his lady by cooking a fine French dinner, complete with chicken, chocolate soufflés and other fancy menu items that left him scratching his head. JWOWW and Snooki were impressed, and Jenni -- who got the few pecks on the cheek she'd been dreaming of -- even called the whole night "perfect." Unfortunately for Rog, the dinner left the couple exhausted, and they fell asleep before he could "soufflé the s**t out of Jenni." Maybe next time, pal!

+ What do you think -- did Rog's dinner prove he's working on his chivalry, or does he still have a way to go before he becomes the gentleman JWOWW says she needs? Take our poll!

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