Awesomely 'Awkward.' Moment: Sadie Saxton Saves The Day At Val Marks' Job Hearing!


If for nothing else, Palos Hills has always been able to rely on Sadie Saxton for a bit of bitchy snark. In fact, the "Awkward" cheerleader has actually started to turn a profit from insulting her peers, thanks to her Twitter account going viral. But tonight, when the recently fired Valerie Marks needed an angel, Sadie stepped up out of nowhere, delivered a speech in Val's favor that was worthy of any courtroom drama and got PHHS' ol' guidance counselor back to her desk...for better or worse.

When it looked like all hope was lost for Val -- who was suspended after Jenna Hamilton published a story that slandered her name -- Sadie tore through the doors of Val's administrative hearing and spoke on Val's behalf. She shared a character-affirming story about how Val saved her Aunt Ally by helping her "get a baby," forcing her to care for another human being. It wasn't until Sadie revealed that she was that baby (metaphorically, anyway), who Val, in turn, saved from being "homeless, motherless, fatherless and housekeeperless," that the board realized Val's ability to bring people together was enough to warrant getting her job back.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, friends. Check out Sadie doing the world's most unexpected good deed.