Spencer Pratt's Truth: On Being Heckled, Staging Photo Shoots And Binge-Eating Pie


Speidi take a stroll in London after completing their 2013 stint on "Big Brother UK."

No matter how many bridges Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag managed to burn during their "Hills" heyday, neither one of them ever seemed particularly regretful at the time. For a while it was Speidi Versus The World, but lately, the married couple of five years have expressed much remorse over their past behavior, and on last night’s E! special, “After Shock: Heidi & Spencer,” they made a very public mea culpa, complete with some interesting revelations from the first man to ever willingly (and skillfully) play the part of a reality TV villain.

Bad Karma

It takes a sturdy backbone to live in the public eye, and Spencer always seemed to have one made of steel. What he didn't anticipate, however, is how much people would remember of his onscreen d-baggery, and years later, he's still shielding himself from strangers' middle fingers and rude comments.

"It's not easy being Spencer Pratt, getting heckled all the time...having people still think you're this jerk from the 'The Hills,' he said on "After Shock." "I'm ashamed of everything I've done since the moment I stepped in front of the camera." His biggest problem, he sees clearly now, is that he wasn't thinking long term when he badmouthed America's sweetheart, Lauren Conrad, or declared himself a crystal therapy devotee. "It's definitely hard for people to take us seriously, and I totally understand why," he added.


Speidi go "Christmas tree shopping" with the paparazzi back in 2012.

A Dying Art

Perhaps the public's inability to reimagine Speidi as sincere, regular folk also has something to do with those staged photo shoots the media (this blog included) ate up, but in the moment, Spencer truly felt the duo was taking part in something revolutionary. His argument is convincing:

"When we were in the tabloids, back in the day, there was no other celebrities at the pumpkin patch. That was us being Speidi. Now, it might as well be the Oscars at the pumpkin patch.

Once we figured out there was such a demand for our photos, we partnered up with a photo agency, and the photo agency would always know every week what the magazines were looking for. If it was Halloween, you know, the pumpkin patch and the costume. If it's Christmas, you need a Christmas tree. But now that business is over, because every celebrity is cheesier than Speidi ever was, going everywhere they can to be seen, and smiling ear to ear."

Can’t say he’s wrong.


Spencer's wolfed down more than one serving of humble pie post-"Hills" -- and all other types of flavors as well. The USC student, who's on the verge of graduating 10 years after enrolling, admitted to a “pie addiction” that contributed to a 50 pound weight gain. While he’s currently working to get back in shape through MMA training, he said that much of his intermittent binge-eating has been due to financial stress. Whereas the couple once boasted millions in their bank account, designer threads in their closet and two reserved seats on a private jet, he now describes their status as “not rich, not poor.” With the loss has come much perspective on their previous spending habits, though. "We were living like we were Tom Cruise when we were Tom Cruise's butler," he explained.

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Photo: Splash News