'Laguna' Buds Lauren Conrad And Trey Phillips Reunite For Their Annual Ice-Skating Date


We hope to see Lauren and Trey doing this when they're old and (not) grey.

Some crews have “Friendsgiving,” others spend the holidays trimming each other’s trees, but longtime “Laguna Beach” pals Lauren Conrad and Trey Phillips have the tried and true tradition of strappin’ on some skates and zooming around freshly zambonied ice! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, indeed.

The old friends hit up New York’s Bryant Park recently, reviving their new-ish tradition of ice skating in December, and we don’t doubt that the two spent the night catching up on all the turns their fabulous lives have taken (LC’S GETTING’ MARRIED, Y’ALL!!!) amid the festive holiday markets and twinkling lights. "Annual iceskating with @TreyPhillips," Lauren posted to Instagram with the pic above.

We are secretly hoping this year’s field trip involved a bit of business, too -- Trey is a designer for Vera Wang, one of the biggest names in wedding dresses, after all. Our cheeks may just be soaked with mascara tears if he ends up having a hand in creating Lauren’s dress! And if not, at least we can look forward to many more pics of hot chocolate-filled holiday dates for years to come!

Photo: Lauren Conrad's Instagram