'Teen Wolf' Takes A Beach Detour During Filming

Who's up for a "Teen Wolf" road trip?

With its heavily wooded areas, late-night social scene and, oh yeah, sinister forces, Beacon Hills can be a pretty dark place, and with all the hard work Scott, Stiles and Co. put into fending off evil, don't they deserve a little fun in the sun? A tan, at least? It appears Jeff Davis thinks so, because if Holland Roden's and Tyler Posey's recent social media musings are any indication, the second half of Season 3 will ditch the forest for the beach at some point. We certainly won't be complaining if that means shirtless volleyball tournaments! (Who here's seen "Top Gun"?)

Over the weekend, both Holland and TyPo shared the breathtaking scenery from their coastal shoot with fans, and all we have to say is: NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT. Tyler posted the Instavid above, which features his beautiful fiancé, Seana Gorlick, and co-star Dylan O'Brien soaking up the "cool location," while Holland put up the shot below of the ocean and palm trees, marveling at the fact that she was on the "Teen Wolf" set and not vacation. "To our 2nd to last fraterday of season 3. Big Day. Quite a big day," she teased. Big day, eh? We'll mull that one over as we trudge through the snow-covered sidewalks of sub-zero Manhattan.


We're SO not in Beacon Hills anymore, Toto.

Photo: Holland Roden's and Tyler Posey's Instagram accounts.