Bree's Emotional Confession Sheds Light On Her 'Generation Cryo' Journey [Video]


Since graduating from high school, Breeanna has been on a quest to meet her biological father -- a man she knows only as Donor #1096 -- and with the help of her half-siblings, whom she's slowly been meeting on a cross-country tour, she's discovered a few things about him and managed to make some headway. However, it wasn't until tonight's "Generation Cryo," when she broke down about her mothers' contentious relationship to her half-sisters, Paige and Molly, that we began to learn personal details about Bree's own past.

Worried that eager Bree would be disappointed if her journey didn't end happily ever after, Paige asked her sib if she was ultimately looking for a father figure. "The donor is not any part of my family," Bree replied, before launching into a heartbreaking story about how hard her non-biological mom Sherry had to fight in order to remain in Bree's life after her split with Debra, who gave birth to Bree. Though Sherry and Bree don't share blood, Bree assured her half-sisters through tears that she had all the family she needed. "[Sherry's] more than anybody could ask for," Bree said.

+ Check out the emotional scene, and tell us if you were surprised to hear such a revelation from Bree.