New Zealand's Hometown Hero Overcomes His Achilles' Heel On 'Nitro Circus Live' [Sneak Peek]


Resilience is the mark of any great athlete, but the "Nitro Circus Live" pros all have something even more powerful in common: perseverance. Last season, "Nitro" girl Jolene Van Vugt redeemed herself from a horrific backflip blunder, and soon after, Jaie Toohey took another stab at a stunt that had previously left him injured. Coming off the tails of his two friends' successful second tries, Jed Mildon proves he's Season 3's comeback king in this sneak peek, and there's no doubt the risk was worth the reward.

In the clip, the "Nitro" crew visits Jed's native country of New Zealand, where he's something of a legend. "He's 6'4", made from steel, and his nickname is The Warrior," creative manager Dov Ribnick explains. However, Jed's desire to give his home the show they deserve -- by performing a never-before executed trick -- proves to be his Achilles' heel, and he initially crashes and burns after his first attempt. However, a few bumps and bruises don't keep this Kiwi superstar down for long, and two weeks later he does the impossible, nailing the double backflip tail whip on his second try. They don't call him The Warrior for nothing!

Check out Jed's second attempt, and watch "Nitro Circus Live" tonight at 11/10c on MTV2!