Would Bree, Jonah Or Hilit Of 'Generation Cryo' Use A Donor To Have Kids One Day?


BreeannaHilit and Jonah know they have artificial insemination to thank for giving them and many more half-siblings life, but would any of them ever consider using sperm donation to have their own children? In the interview clip below, the three "Generation Cryo" teens discuss whether they'd be open to the process one day.

"I would look at a lot of other options first, like adoption," Bree says as she, Hilit and Jonah address the topic. "But [using a sperm donor would] totally be an option." Hilit, on the other hand, says a trip to the cryo bank would be her first course of action if she couldn't conceive naturally. "That would be my go-to option," her twin brother Jonah agrees.

Another thing all three kids are more than willing to consider is making their own donations to a couple in need -- after all, if anyone understands the happiness it can bring, it's these guys.

+ Check out the clip, and tell us if you'd consider using a sperm donor to conceive if and when you want kids.