'True Life' Check-In: Has Brady Learned To Balance Internet Fame With Real Life?

MTV's latest “True Life” explored the stories of two young people who found fame on the Internet. We had an opportunity to check in with one of them to find out how his life has changed since filming wrapped — take a look at Brady's follow-up below.


Being on "True Life" taught me so much, like not to give up, to focus on school and to pay more attention to who my real friends are. Since filming stopped, I've stopped using my phone as much, and I've balanced my famous life with my normal life. I focus a lot harder in school now, I'm less socially awkward and I've learned to be myself, both online and off. "True Life" showed me I can do whatever I want if I try my hardest. I loved sharing my story. Hopefully I inspired people to be themselves. I hope other famous people can relate to me.

These days, I'm dating Casey, my best friend who appeared in the episode with me. After everything that happened, Casey and I realized we had each other's backs, so we got together. We're best friends who fell in love. Fame does interfere in our relationship, but it's amazing and brings us closer together. We have so many supporters.

Eventually, I would like to use my online fame to help me launch my career. I hope that being somewhat famous will give me a head start in whatever path I choose. I feel like it will get me on reality shows, which is what I want to do, and it has allowed me to tour around the world, travel to schools and talk about bullying.

Photo courtesy of Brady.