Speidi Share The Mushy Details Of Their World Apology Tour


Spencer and Heidi share a Hollywood kiss in London earlier this year.

Long ago in a glass house nestled between a few "Hills," Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag shut out the world. After burning bridges with many of their close friends and family members, the married couple retreated into a life that revolved solely around fame and fortune, but when both eventually dried up, perspective came. Speidi's slice of humble pie was so massive, in fact, the two recently told People they're en route to reconciliation with everyone they've hurt in the past. Let the World Apology Tour commence!

Spencer feels terrible about the way he turned his back on the always loyal Brody Jenner, in particular. "I wish I'd handled that differently," he admitted, and noted that being obsessed with his villain status clouded his judgment. "Thankfully he has such a forgiving heart and we're back to being great friends."

For Heidi, making up with her mother -- whom she'd completely cut out of her life -- was a priority after the cameras stopped rolling. "My mom sent me a birthday card and I just started breaking down," she told the magazine. "So I picked up the phone and called her and she was like, 'Heidi! Oh, my god, Heidi!' It was one of the best moments. I was so happy to have her back."

For more on Speidi's mission to rebuild their relationships with Lauren ConradStephanie Pratt and more, check out the whole interview, and relive the moment the "Hills" girls decided to ice them out in this throwback clip:

Photo: Eamonn McCormack/Getty Images