That's What You Said...About Whether Matty And Jenna Should Get Back Together On 'Awkward.'

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They say time heals all wounds, and in the case of Matty and Jenna, forgiveness came in about a day. Once J-Town returned to her normal, "Awkward" self on the most recent episode, she realized her feelings for Matty hadn't faltered, and after sneakily making her way to his party, she found out the feeling might still be mutual. But is it too soon for the former couple to consider getting back together? With Matty's parents' separation considered, both he and Jenna still have pretty fresh wounds and a lot of stuff to deal with.

Naturally, whether fans were all about the second coming of Jatty or were still waving their Team Jake flags, they had a ton to say on the subject of whether Matty and Jenna should give things a second shot. Check out some comments we collected from Remote Control and Facebook below, and tell us where you stand!

Remote Control:

"Yes they need to get back together! They just work, and them not together made me go all over the place with mad emotions!" -- tanment124

"I don't think they work together...Team Jake." -- Gentry

"'Awkward' isn't the same without Jenna and Matty being together. We all enjoyed the events but its time to put them back together." -- Aaron


"Sadie was right that Collin would leave Jenna high and dry like she did to Matty. They still care about each other, but they should build that trust back up and be friends before they jump back into a relationship." -- Brandie S.

"Jenna and Matty all the way. I have always been Team Matty and Jenna! But they shouldn't rush right back into it." -- Courtney S.

"Matty first treated Jenna like sh**. It turn, she treated him like sh**. Time to break the cycle. Bring in a new guy or be single." -- Katie O.