Spencer Pratt Is One Final Away From Graduating College...10 Years After Enrolling


Heidi and Spencer stroll the USC campus upon Spence's return in 2011.

Move aside, Van Wilder -- you've just been outdone by one Spencer William Pratt. "The Hills" villain, who enrolled at the University of Southern California before "Laguna Beach" was even on the air, is finally graduating, after re-enrolling in 2011! Yup, Dirty 30 will mark the year that Spence can officially call himself a college alum, and if you're wondering why it took him so long, he's offered Us Weekly this simple explanation: "I was busy being famous!" Maybe he can draw the sentiment on his cap in decorative glitter for the big day!

"Today was my last day of College @USC! Best 10 years of my life! #Trojans," Spence tweeted, who told Us a single final exam in Spanish stands between him and becoming an exclusive member of the cap and gown club. "I should probably have a doctorate or two at this point, but I'll take it," he added. Don't beat yourself up too much, pal -- our diplomas have become glorified coasters over the years. Three cheers for a B.S. in journalism!

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Photo: Splash News

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