The Man Behind Mr. Belding Had Some B-Ball Skills Back In The Day


Sweet sweatband, Mr. B.

Mario Lopez may have played the token jock on "Saved by the Bell," but apparently he wasn't the only athlete on set. Another cast member from the hit sitcom posted this Throwback Thursday photo from his basketball days, and the sweatband-sporting hoops superstar is none other than Bayside High's wacky principal, Mr. Belding! Yup, Dennis Haskins had skills, y'all.

"#TBT Basketball pic from back in the day!!! :-)," Dennis tweeted earlier today. According to, the 6'1" actor was quite the big man on campus at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, where he balanced acting with college basketball. While we all know which road he eventually decided to travel, this old-school shot is sure worth the trip down memory lane. Who knew '70s Haskins was such a stud? DH may have begun balding by the time he played Belding on TV, but we're sure his long mane and manly 'stache helped him score as many points with the ladies off the court as he did on. Swish!

Check out the pic, and don't miss Haskins in his principal prime on "Saved by the Bell," Saturday mornings on MTV2!

Photo: @mrbelding