Jenelle Evans' Son Declares Her The Best French Toast Chef Ever


We can't believe how big Jace is getting!

Even though Jenelle Evans has not yet regained full custody of her son, the "Teen Mom 2" cast member makes sure to spend as much time as possible with the adorable tot, and in an Instagram vid she recently posted, it's clear that all their bonding has paid off, because Jace announced that Jenelle is the greatest breakfast cook he's ever encountered in his four years on planet earth. What mother's heart wouldn't melt at the sound of such praise?

In the video below, Jace, who is so big now we suddenly feel the need to check our heads for grey hairs, lets all of social media know his mom is one helluva pro in the kitchen. "My mommy makes the best, um, pa- ummmm, French toast ever," he says. Sadly, the egg-dipped delicacy is out of the frame so we can't judge its presentation, never mind its taste, but we'll take the kid's word for it. The real question is, however, who takes the top chef award when it comes to pancakes? Our bet is on Barb. She's totally the kinda grandma that would spoil her fave little man with a spoonful of extra sugar in the batter!

Check out the super cute clip:

Photo: Jenelle Evans' Instagram