'Awkward.' Poll: Is It Too Soon For Matty And Jenna To Get Back Together?


"Awkward" fans, rejoice! On tonight's episode, good-girl-gone-bad Jenna Hamilton finally reverted back to being a decent human being, and thanks to her friends' probationary forgiveness, she had no problem slipping back into her old life. She was so comfortable, in fact, that she also had no problem considering rekindling her romance with Matty. But with the Collin fallout still fresh in everyone's heads -- not to mention the fact that Matty's dealing with his parents' separation -- is it too soon for reconciliation?

As soon as Jenna 3.0 got word that Matty was throwing a kegger at his house, she decided to go after what she wanted -- him -- and snagged herself an invite. Matty had been dropping hints that he was interested in spending time with J, but at the party, she caught him making out with Hunter, a PHHS alumna, and figured the damage was too great to ever win Matty back. The morning after the party, though, Matty made it explicitly clear to Jenna that Hunter meant nothing, and that Jenna was the only girl on his mind.

Tell us what you think: Should Jenna and Matty refrain from rushing back into each other's arms and both stay single for the time being, or should they throw caution to the wind and give things another shot? Take the poll!

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