Lorenzo Earned His First Time Out For Throwing A Book At Snooki's Face


Happier times: Lorenzo and Nicole go for a walk in upstate New York.

We regret to inform you that Lorenzo LaValle's mama's boy phase may have already come and gone. Just when the little one was finally starting to warm up to his doting ma, Snooki reports that she's been forced to give her son his first bit of discipline after a transgression involving a book, her eye and 'Enzo's cannon of an arm. We knew the one-year-old always had some fire in him, but his Terrible Twos might be coming a whole lot sooner than originally anticipated.

"Lorenzo was just put in his first time out for throwing a book at my eye and making me bleed," a wounded Nicole tweeted. "Good aim kid. #ouch." Perhaps "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" left him feeling patronized, or maybe failing to track down Waldo in a peppermint factory stressed him out, but whatever the cause, it's clear that 'Enzo hasn't quite come around to the written word yet. The good news? Snooki and Jionni might just have an ace on their hands. Get this kid signed up for Little League, stat!

Photo courtesy of @SnookiNic