Bree, Hilit And Jonah Of 'Generation Cryo' Discuss Their Definition Of Family [Video]


The half-siblings of "Generation Cryo" may not have all grown up under one roof, but they still consider themselves family, plain and simple. Despite being raised in different households across the country, the adventure of meeting each other and trying to help Breeanna track down their common donor father solidified their blood bond, as well as their emotional ties. Many months after filming, Hilit, Jonah and Bree all share the same sense of what connects them.

"I think [a family is] people that will just care for you no matter what," Jonah tells his two sisters in the video below, while Bree takes her own definition a step further, saying that another defining characteristic is the ability to fight and make up like it's no big deal.

Though the kids all have a broad view of what constitutes family, Hilit points out that if it wasn't for their unique experience, they might not think as progressively as they do. "My definition of family would be completely different if we weren't conceived using donor insemination," she admits.

Do you agree with the siblings' assessment of what signifies kinship? Check out the clip, and see how their journey continues on "Generation Cryo" tonight at 10/9c!