Street Justice With Quinn Marcus: The People's Ruling On Snapping Gym Selfies [Video]

Thanks to MTV2's "Guy Court," no true "Guy Code" violation will ever go unpunished. But though we trust the honorable Judge Donnell Rawlings to pass out fair rulings, the American justice system lets a peer jury dictate a defendant's fate, so each week we're holding all potential "Code" criminals to the same standard with a heavy dose of "Street Justice." Check out the latest case below.


Quinn Marcus (top right) and two New Yorkers give their best duck face.

Photo albums were once reserved solely for images of friends and family members, but today, people have become obsessed with turning the cameras on themselves. The product of this practice, now known widely as the "selfie," is such a big part of today's culture that Oxford Dictionaries recently chose it as the 2013 Word of the Year. But not everyone is so enamored by the selfie's charms.

In the latest episode of "Guy Court," plaintiff Dan accused his best friend Anthony of being too preoccupied with tweeting pics of himself in workout gear to be a good gym buddy. Despite the fact that Anthony's selfie-obsession left Dan without a good spotter, Judge Donnell found it in his own best interest to let the guy off the hook (i.e. Judge Donnell was scared Anthony would rip him in half if handed a guilty verdict).

Justice might not have been served this time around, so "Girl Code" comedienne Quinn Marcus took the topic of gym selfies to the street of New York to hear from others. Check out the clip below, share your own opinions in the comments and tune in every Wednesday at 11/10c for more "Guy Court" on MTV2.

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