'Crazy Beautiful' House Rules: Moms Need Matchmakers, Too

Ke$ha's life on the road is pretty crazy, but the ship runs a bit more tightly back in Nashville with her family. Kind of. After each week's episode, we're putting the spotlight on one of the Seberts' nontraditional house rules -- take a look at the latest, and tell us if you could hack it in their home.


For better or worse, it's typical for parents to have a stake in their children's love lives, but as for kids involving themselves in their parents' affairs? That's a little more outside the box. On tonight's "My Crazy Beautiful Life," Ke$ha decided to put her own relationship struggles on the back burner to help her mom, who the pop star said hadn't been on a date since the '90s, find a man. And you know what? Her plan kind of worked!

Ke$ha, who said she no longer felt comfortable going on tour while her mom was home alone, hired Jason, a matchmaker, to set Pebe up, and when he sat down with the mother and daughter, he really got a sense of the kind of free spirit Pebe was drawn to (in spite of the fact that the family's pooch, Magic, laid a nasty egg mid-session). Ultimately, Pebe decided to give things a shot with the man Jason chose for her, and in a post-date chat with Ke$ha, she couldn't hide her smile -- the "little Italian guy" had her completely smitten. "You love him!" Ke$ha concluded. Now this has got the makings of an epic Maid of Honor speech.

+ Check out the scene, and tell us your thoughts on kids setting up their parents.

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