'Awkward.' Poll: Did Jake Have Good Reason To Break Up With President Tamara?


It's not just Jenna who's in combat mode these days -- on tonight's "Awkward," Palos Hills High School's reigning power couple, Jake and Tamara, suddenly found themselves at odds, too. After Tamara decided to run for class president against her boyfriend to teach him a lesson about taking the position for granted, she wound up winning the popular vote, and Jake was so pissed that he broke up with her on the spot. But was his cold "take care" warranted?

The tension between Jakara started growing after Tamara offered to help jazz up Jake's campaign. When Jake mocked Tamara's glitter signage, she retaliated by throwing her name into the school prez ring, and when the couple finally squared off in an unsolicited debate in front of the school, resentments they'd been harboring about each other came spilling out. They met up after it was announced that T was the new PHHS president, and though she was willing to let bygones be bygones, Jake -- who claimed that being president was his thing -- was not.

Tell us what you think: Is Jake being a sore loser, or is he right to be angry that Tamara seized his position just to prove a point?

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