From Karaoke Politics To Anti-Homewrecking Sentiment, Here Are Tonight's Best 'Girl Code' Quips As Memes!


Don't get it twisted: Karaoke might seem like a simple way to blow off steam with friends, but according to "Girl Code," it involves an intricate world of politicking that you might not have known existed. On tonight's episode, the ladies led viewers through the subtle rules of getting drunk and belting out your favorite tunes in front of a crowd, and between theater geek Shalyah's go-to song and Jessimae's punishment for abandoning tracks, we're definitely now choosing karaoke over bowling for this year's department holiday party.

From how to handle men who are spoken for (spoiler alert: The girls think you should leave them be!) to the ever-present pressure to be thin, "Girl Code" got a little edgy this evening. Check out our favorite meme-ready quotes below, and tell us if there was another bit of dialogue that had you LOLing.

Alice, on the struggle to stay in shape:


Jessimae, on people who abandon their microphones mid-karaoke:


Quinn, on how your weight may or may not affect a relationship:


Nessa, on the importance of performance preparation:


Jamie, on why you shouldn't date a dude who's already taken:


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