'Nitro' Tomboy Jolene Van Vugt Shows Us Her Girly Side [Photo]


No helmet hair here!

As the lone she-daredevil on "Nitro Circus Live," Jolene Van Vugt must often downplay her feminine side to prove she can hang with the guys. And though tomboy tendencies have been in her blood since birth, every now and then, "Nitro Girl" likes to indulge in the glamorous perks that come with being an MTV2 star, like getting totally gussied up for events.

Earlier today, Jolene posted the above photo of herself getting dolled up while on a promotional tour for "NCL." "Back in the make-up chair, this time I'm in Mexico!" she captioned. Her wide smile tells us she's enjoying her pampering sesh, and can you blame her? After months of hiding that beautiful mane under a tight (and probably sweaty) helmet, we bet her locks were welcoming of the TLC. And though we're quite fond of seeing Jolene's tough side on the track, we have to admit, this softer side suits her, too. It's official: You can be a total badass and look purty while doing it.

Watch Jolene keep up with the boys (and then some) on the "Nitro Circus Live" Season 3 premiere Tuesday night at 11/10c on MTV2!

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Photo: Jolene Van Vugt's Instagram