Half-Siblings Bree, Jonah And Hilit Anticipate Viewer Reactions To 'Generation Cryo' [Video]


When "Generation Cryo" kicks off tonight at 10/9c, Breeanna and her half-siblings will have more than their friends' and families' opinions to contend with while searching for their sperm-donor father -- they know that viewers will have their critical eyes focused on them, too. Though they have no way of truly telling how fans will react just yet, in this MTV.com interview clip, Bree, Jonah and Hilit say they hope people will reserve their judgment until they're able to see the story from all sides.

"I know some are gonna be like, 'Oh, they're totally intruding on [the donor]'s life,' but they should...know the information before they start," Jonah says. His twin sister, Hilit, says she believes people will receive the show positively, but adds that she and her family are confident enough in themselves to weather any potential backlash.

Whether feedback is good or bad, Bree just wants the audience to stick out the search for #1096 long enough to grasp its significance. "I hope...when people see our whole entire journey together, they realize...how much we went through together to get to the finish line."

Check out the video, and prepare to share your thoughts about "Generation Cryo" after tonight's premiere!

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