'Generation Cryo' Poll: Would You Want To Know Your Donor's Identity?


Family dinners naturally espouse debate, but on tonight's "Generation Cryo" premiere, we witnessed one conversation specific to the 21st century: a heated back-and-forth about sperm donation. While 17-year-old Breeanna was visiting Jonah and Hilit, two of her half-siblings that were also conceived using donor #1096, she asked Jonah for his DNA in an attempt to unlock more information about their biological father. Jonah said he was willing to help, but when he brought up the subject with his parents over sushi, an argument broke out that left Bree feeling jittery.

Jonah initially explained to Bree that he and Hilit -- who grew up with a non-biological father whom they loved -- didn't have any particular interest in meeting the donor, but the more he listened to Bree's passion for finding #1096, the more his interest grew. When he told his parents, Terri and Eric, that he'd given Bree his cheek swab, Eric felt slighted. He expressed hurt that his wife and kids didn't know he'd been harboring over the years, and said if his family decided to meet the donor, it would only compound his insecurities as a man who couldn't pass on his physical lineage.

Ultimately, because Eric trusted Jonah and knew his intentions were rooted in kindness, he decided to support Bree's mission. Still, Bree hasn't changed his mind -- or his children's -- about meeting the donor. So, put yourself in Jonah's, Hilit's or Bree's shoes: Would YOU want to know the donor's identity, or would you prefer not to open that can of worms? Take our poll and share your thoughts in the comments!

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