Holiday Gifts For The 'Snooki & JWOWW' Fans In Your Life


Snooki and JWOWW have been going through some life-changing events lately, like settling down and having (or at least thinking about) kids, and if their fans are anything like the guidettes, making the transition from party animals to full-blown adults is a lot easier with some help. Whether it's planning your own wedding or teaching your babies dogs how to behave properly, these gifts are the perfect addition to any brink-of-adulthood "Snooki & JWOWW" fan's collection. And don't worry -- there are shot glasses! How else are you supposed to drink Pepto-Bismol?

1. Ultimate Wedding Planner and Organizer ($12.99 at The Knot) -- Snooki's only just entered the wedding war zone, and it's already giving her the sweats. If you've got a recently engaged pal who's about to embark on planning the happiest day of her life, give her this time-saving planner. It'll make working out the details a piece of (wedding) cake.

2. Prescription Pill Bottle Shaped Shot Glass Set ($15.25 at Sears) -- Back at the ol' "Jersey Shore" house, it was always "shots, shots, shots," but when the girls recently went on a BFF excursion to Atlantic City, they were forced to pregame with stomach meds instead. These shot glasses will come in handy the next time you need to measure out some Kaopectate.

3. Paintball Set ($109.99 at Spyder) -- Roger and Jionni recently showed us that sometimes guys need a day off from their SOs, too, except instead of playing hungover Blackjack they chose to pelt each other with paintballs. Gift this set to your beau and he'll be distracted long enough for you to have a girls' night out. It's a win-win!

4. Slippery When Wet Sign ($15 at Creative Safety Supply) -- So you don't have to steal one! You may not be able to snuggle with this version like JWOWW did with her floor sign, but at the very least, you can hang it above your bed as a very suggestive piece of artwork!

5. Atlantic City: A Guide to America's Queen of Resorts ($11.61 at B&N) -- Snooks and JWOWW know their way around AC pretty well by now (there's the bar, the club and the hotel room -- yup, they've got it covered), but your party-hardy friends might need a refresher, and this guide has it all...except a chapter on where to find dancing drag queens. Next edition, maybe?

6. The Dog Whisperer's Common Canine Misbehaviors DVD ($29.99 at Cesar's Way) -- Though JWOWW has "Ghandi" to calm down her pups, not all dog owners are so lucky. If you've got a friend who can't get her fluff ball to stop barking every time a pin drops, Cesar Millan's training DVD will help them turn their yappy canine into a prim and proper pet in no time.

7. Leopard Print Snooki Slippers ($29.75 at The MTV Shop) -- As much as Snooki likes her skyscraper-high heels, clip-clopping around in those monster shoes would definitely wake a sleeping Baby Lorenzo. Instead, Snooki puts on her custom-designed crazy-soft slips so she's free to roam. Baby or no baby, they're the perfect footwear to complement your bumming-around-the-house outfit. And, c'mon, do we even need to explain the leopard print?

Photos: MTV Shop, Cesar's Way, Barnes & Noble, Creative Safety Supply, Spyder, Sears, The Knot