Will An 'Awkward.' Fight With Collin Snap Jenna Back Into Reality? [Sneak Peek]


When your relationship is based on lies, cheating and a whole 'lotta drugs, there's a good chance it'll eventually go down in flames, and on the next episode of "Awkward," Palos Hills High School's most loathed couple, Jenna and Collin, might finally meet their maker. After leaving Collin at a party with his ex-girlfriend, in this sneak peek, Jenna suspects that the two may have spent the night together, and she's not exactly happy about it. Perhaps you should have DTRed when you had the chance, J.

"Did you sleep with Angelique?" Jenna asks, drawing an incriminating silence from Collin. Suddenly, tears start to well up in her eyes, and everything that Jenna sacrificed to date Collin flashes before her eyes. "I ruined friendships," she says. "That's all on you, Jenna," Collin answers callously. If Val's after school special wasn't enough to snap Jenna 2.0 back into reality, this may very well do the trick.

Think the fight with Collin will force Jenna to come to her senses? Check out the clip, and see how things pan out, Tuesday night at 10/9c!

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