Street Justice With Quinn Marcus: The People's Ruling On Dudes Who Don't Respect Dibs [Video]

Thanks to MTV2's "Guy Court," no true "Guy Code" violation will ever go unpunished. But though we trust the honorable Judge Donnell Rawlings to pass out fair rulings, the American justice system lets a peer jury dictate a defendant's fate, so each week we're holding all potential "Code" criminals to the same standard with a heavy dose of "Street Justice." Check out the latest case below.


Contrary to popular belief, man's best friend is not the dog, it's the wingman. On the opposite end of the dude spectrum, however, is a creature so shameful there's no name for it yet: a creature who c**kblocks for his own gain! On the latest "Guy Court," Payton accused his friend, Blake, of being That Guy, and while Payton put up a good fight, claiming that Blake's penchant for poaching all the ladies he tries to pick up violates "Guy Code," Judge Donnell Rawlings surprisingly ruled NOT GUILTY, and told Payton to step up his game if he wants to go toe-to-toe with his charming friend.

Do you and your friends have a dibs system in place, or is every potential hookup fair game? Check out what a few New Yorkers had to say when "Girl Code" comedienne Quinn Marcus asked them to dish out some "Street Justice," and let us know your thoughts on The People's ruling.

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