In Celebration Of MTV2's Deal With David Ortiz, Here Are The Best MLB Player Sitcom Cameos


David Ortiz after the Red Sox's eighth World Series win. 

MTV2 is constantly expanding its repertoire of male programming, which means adding even more sports into the mix, and recently, the network announced an exciting deal with Major League Baseball players David Ortiz and Andrew McCutchen. The popular pro athletes will executive produce a new series to bridge the gap between America's favorite pastime and pop culture, and while the details are still pretty scarse, we can tell you that it will spotlight some of the biggest names in baseball, exploring their lives on and off the diamond. "It is going to be a lot of fun to show a different side of baseball and the players," McCutchen said of the project, slated for April 2014.

From spring until fall, you can't flip the channel without catching a glimpse of men in stirrups, but these days, it's not uncommon to see a ball player grace the TV screen out of uniform as well (ahem, New York Yankees). In honor of MTV2's new endeavor, we've gathered a list of MLB standouts who've made some memorable cameos. Check 'em out, and tell us how you think the guys performed!

Anaheim Angels' Mark Langston: "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch"

In the show's second season, the athlete appeared as himself when Sabrina granted Harvey's wish to meet his favorite player in the other realm. Watch Harvey go total fan girl at 14:19 -- you'd think it was One Direction or something.

New York Yankees' Jim Abbott: "Boy Meets World"

Cory had big dreams of being a pro-baseball player one day, but when Feeny suggested he set a more realistic goal, Cory's dad invited Jim Abbott to share his unique story. See, Jim was not only a world-class athlete, but also an inspiration: Despite being born without a right hand, Abbott is, to this day, one of the best pitchers the MLB has ever seen. Watch him give Cory some sage advice around minute 17.

New York Yankees' Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams: "Seinfeld"

In an episode titled "The Abstinence," two of the most famous Yankees showed up on "Seinfeld," however, Derek and Bernie weren't the only ones to step outside their wheelhouse. George Costanza, famously played by Jason Alexander, took a chance at being a major league slugger and knocked it out of the park.

New York Yankees' Nick Swisher: "How I Met Your Mother"

Nick Swisher just happened to be hanging out at the same bar as Barney and his friends, and the crew joined him in his booth to hear his wisdom on relationships. Perhaps Nick's wife, actress Joanna Garcia, gave him some acting tips?

Red Sox's Bill Buckner: "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

Bill Buckner's ball-between-the-legs error in the 1986 World Series cost the Sox the championship, and turned him into an instant target for all fans. Years later, he showed up on "Curb" to right his past wrong, and proved he can catch when it truly matters: if there's a baby falling from a burning building.


Red Sox's David Ortiz: "The Cleveland Show"

It turns out that his new MTV2 series won't be David Ortiz's first onscreen venture. Big Papi showed up on "The Cleveland Show" in cartoon form when when Cleveland tried to recruit the Boston fave to join the LA Dodgers.

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Photo: Michael Ivins/ Red Sox/Getty Images