'Crazy Beautiful' House Rules: Family Members Get Front Row Seats To Marriage Proposals

Ke$ha's life on the road is pretty crazy, but the ship runs a bit more tightly back in Nashville with her family. Kind of. After each week's episode, we're putting the spotlight on one of the Seberts' nontraditional house rules -- take a look at the latest, and tell us if you could hack it in their home.


Ke$ha's own love life has literally gone up in flames, but that doesn't mean she can't champion romance elsewhere. On tonight's "My Crazy Beautiful Life," the pop star decided to play Cupid, and convinced her cousin's boyfriend that it was time to finally go through with the proposal he'd been planning. What followed was a mission so secret it would have tripped up the CIA, but if it went off without a hitch, it would be an unforgettable moment for the couple...and the better part of Ke$ha's extended family.

While in Las Vegas, Ke$ha stole her cousin, Kalan, away for a "princess day," which included pawning a ring Ke$ha's ex bought her and using the dough to purchase tons of costume jewelry. While the girls were princessing out, Kalan's family and her boyfriend, Sean, hid at the Grand Canyon, where a helicopter eventually brought the girls. When they touched down, Sean emerged from behind a rock to pop the question, leaving his girlfriend -- who said yes, obviously! -- in happy tears while her family gleefully looked on. So maybe it wasn't the most intimate proposal, but at least the newly engaged couple won't have to share their story a million times!

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