The 'Nitro Circus Live' Crew Are Going Global In Season 3 [Trailer]


"Nitro Circus Live" returns this Tuesday night to MTV2, with the promise of being more action-packed than ever before, and while that's a pretty ambitious claim, wethinks you'll get the picture after seeing the mind-blowing stunts...and the the new trailer below.

In their third season, Travis Pastrana and his fellow extreme sports stars are taking their tricks global, hitting up all sorts of new lands like China, Bali and Russia, as well as old favorites Australia and New Zealand. Plus, the whole gang -- yep, all 40 of them -- will make a stateside pit stop at Travis' home for a huge backyard competition. Hope he's got enough guest towels...

While we have full faith that Travis and his band of merry bikers will perform flawlessly in front of every crowd, we predict their off-the-clock antics won't go as smoothly. Something just tells us that Crazy Cam's not cut out for the Russian Cossack dance.

Check out the trailer, and don't miss the season premiere of "Nitro Circus Live" Tuesday night at 11/10c!


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