'Awkward.' Stars Nikki Deloach And Jillian Rose Reed Pose For NOH8 Campaign [Photos]


Lacey and Jillian form a heart with their hands in support of the NOH8 campaign.

Hold the phone. Are two of the gabbiest "Awkward" gals shutting their traps without help from wine (cough, Lacey Hamilton, cough) or a life-ruining secret running interference? Well, if it's for a good cause, even Tamara would happily put a pause on spitting out slang for a moment. Recently, actresses Nikki Deloach and Jillian Rose Reed posed for the anti-bullying and equal rights campaign, NOH8, which is as noble a reason as any to keep their lips sealed.

Nikki and Jillian follow in the footsteps of many other members of the MTV family who've supported the cause, like "Teen Wolf" ladies Holland Roden and Crystal Reed. "Jersey Shore" pals Vinny Guadagnino and Jenni Farley also posed in the past, and while Vinny's shoot was a family affair, Jenni decided to take the trademark duct tape to a new level in her photos (hint: Ke$ha's not the only one making her own bras these days).

Check out Nikki's and Jillian's individual shots!


Nikki Deloach looks radiant in her campaign shot.


Jillian Rose Reed's NOH8 pose is a far cry from Tamara's mile-a-minute monologues.

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Photos: Adam Bouska