Fact Or Fiction? Test Your Knowledge Of Sperm Donation Before The 'Generation Cryo' Premiere


If life were a sitcom, any Average Joe could walk into a sperm bank, make a quick donation and dart back home before dinner with a fistful of cash. In reality, the process isn't so simple, and when "Generation Cryo" premieres on Monday, November 25 at 10/9c, you'll get a sense of its many complexities through the eyes of Breeanna, a 17-year-old who was conceived through a donor. Her journey to find her biological father and some of her 15 half-siblings seems achievable at the get-go, but there will be nothing cut and dry about it.

How much do YOU know about donorship? Before the series starts next week, we've got a fun little pop quiz to test your cryo IQ, as well as some illustrated stats (what, you didn't know sperm can smile?) to slap on the ol' fridge. Answer the five questions below to see if you've got your facts straight, and flip through the gallery for even more information.

1) True or false: About half of men who apply turn out to be eligible for donation.

2) True or false: A sperm sample expires a year after it’s donated.

3) True or false: The chance of conceiving through insemination can be as little as five percent.

4) True or false: When searching for a donor sample through a cryobank, physical specifications can be made.

5) True or false: Upon request, donor information is provided by the cryobank to the biological child when he or she turns 18.



1) False: Only five percent of men who apply are eligible. According to a Stanford study, drug use, history of illness or sexual promiscuity can disqualify a potential donor.

2) False: According to the Manhattan Cryo Bank, successful pregnancies have resulted from sperm that’s been frozen for more than a decade.

3) True: According to BabyCenter.com, insemination has between a 5 and 20 percent chance of conception, though the odds increase if the woman trying to conceive takes recommended fertility drugs.

4) True: According to California Cryobank, a woman can submit a photograph of her ideal child's looks, and employees will comb through a list of donors to try to make a close match.

5) False: Facilities like The Sperm Bank of California emphasize that a donor can choose to remain anonymous, and that his identity will be protected indefinitely.


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Photos: MTV