Is Allison Argent Trading In Her 'Teen Wolf' Bow And Arrow For A Katana Sword? [Photos]


Crystal Reed practices her katana skills.

Allison Argent's weapon of choice has been her trusty bow and arrow ever since she joined her family's werewolf-hunting ranks, but now that the Argent clan's vendetta against lycanthropes has expanded to all sorts of other, more sinister creatures (um, hello, Darach!), it's time she learned a few new tricks.

We previously reported that "Teen Wolf"'s Season 3 return will dive deep into the world of the Japanese Kitsune myth, and these exclusive set photos show that it won't just be newbie Arden Cho's awesome black belt moves that'll help usher in the theme. In the pics, Crystal Reed wields a katana sword, which is the same traditional Japanese-made blade used by the samurais! Goin' medieval, we see -- and in more ways than one...

In the new teaser below, Scott's one true love gets a supernatural scaring for the books inside a dark morgue (obviously). Between this and Stiles' endless nightmare, bitches be goin' crazy in Beacon Hills! We blame it all on the ice bath.

Check out the pics and clip, and hold tight for a brand-new episode of "Teen Wolf" on January 6!


Crystal and her double are perfectly in sync.

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