Snooki And Jionni Can't Agree On How They First Met, But The Proof Is In The Video...


At some point or another, every child wants to know how his or her parents met, and certain stories are nothing short of fairy tales. There are star-crossed lovers, friends-turned-sweethearts and then...there are Snooki and Jionni. If you'll recall, the couple's first fateful encounter was a little...blurry (Nicole mistakenly referred to Jionni as "Bernard" once or twice), but on tonight's "Snooki & JWOWW," the lovebirds decided to share the story with their son, Lorenzo, all the same. Naturally, they couldn't agree on the sequence of events, but lucky for you, we've got it all on film!

While Snooki insisted Jionni made the first move way back on that starry "Jersey Shore" night, Jionni recalled a very different scenario in which he was mauled by the little drunk meatball. So who do you believe? Did Jionni hit on Snooks first, or did Snooki use her intoxicating dance moves to lure her "Mario Brother" home? Check out the first clip to see how they each remember the evening, and then watch how it really went down back in Seaside!

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