'Girl Code' Cast Members Lend Their Lip-Syncing Skills To Interactive Bob Dylan Music Video


This is a GIF from a Bob Dylan music video. Believe it.

So, is there a "Girl Code" nugget of wisdom on the proper way to respond when a living legend asks you to be in his revolutionary music video? Bob Dylan's classic, "Like a Rolling Stone," has gone without a visual counterpart for almost 50 years, but when the man did finally decide his tune could use a modern-day twist, he recruited a slew of memorable TV personalities for an interactive music vid that went viral today. You can find out all of the folks who are featured in it here, but we're mainly fixated on the fact that a few of them happen to be from MTV!

About halfway through the video below, a "Girl Code" commercial pops up on faux fashion channel 130, and instead of dishing out the usual sassy commentary on d-bag exes and the like, Carly, Shalyah, Tanisha, Nessa and Jessimae do their best Bob impression, interspersed with a cameo by a young woman curiously inspecting her vagina. What up, 2013!

Scroll through the channels as you check out the vid, and see which other famous faces you can spot!

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