Melissa Joan Hart Doesn't Regret Dishing On Drew Barrymore's Bad Behavior [Video]


Melissa Joan Hart and Drew Barrymore.

Celebrity memoirs tend to sell like hotcakes since they're so jam-packed with scandalous secrets, but Melissa Joan Hart goes the extra step in her new book, "Melissa Explains It All," by airing other stars' dirty laundry, as well. What's more, in this interview clip, Melissa confesses she didn't ask permission to name-drop in her memoir because...why?

"They're my stories," the "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" actress says of why she chose not to forewarn her high-profile friends. Talk about putting the ALL in tell-all!

The former teen queen's famous flings are a big part of the book, but how exactly does Drew Barrymore's childhood make-out session come into play? Well, in one chapter, Melissa wrote of how a 10-year-old Drew was teaching a fellow actor how to French kiss, but Melissa wasn't allowed to watch. "Hopefully [Drew's] not pissed at me, but I'll probably never work for her," Melissa says in regards to her own loose lips. Truth be told, since it's also revealed in the book that Drew called MJH's mom a bitch, we'd say their chances of a professional rendezvous were already pretty slim...

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Photos: Gabriel Olsen and Steve Granitz/Getty Images

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