'Scrubbing In' Memorable Moment: Tyrice Comforts A 92-Year-Old Hospital Patient


When you're confined to a hospital bed, the simplest thing can make the stay a little less gloomy, and on the latest episode of "Scrubbing In," Tyrice showed she knows how to make a patient feel right at home. In the clip below, the nurse, despite her hot temper and tendency to throw down, proves she's actually got the bedside manner of an angel. When an elderly woman she's caring for just wants to look a bit more put-together, Tyrice finds a comb and gets to styling, no questions asked.

"It's like my own beauty salon!" the woman exclaims in Spanish. As Tyrice combs the woman's hair and makes pleasant conversation, she discovers that her patient was a former dancer and gives her new friend a fun incentive to help speed up her recovery. "When you get well, I want you to get out the bed and dance for me, okay?" she says. The woman, sensing Tyrice's investment in her health, turns to her and says, "I love you!" HEART: STOP...MELTING...

Check out the full scene to get a case of the warm fuzzies:

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