Paris Hilton On Snooki & JWOWW's 'Simple Life' Costumes: 'That's Hot'


Paris Hilton's chihuahua was apparently too busy to make Snooki and JWOWW's photo shoot.

"That's hot": Two words, infinite impact.

The phrase, popularized by kajillionaire heiress and "Stars Are Blind" singer Paris Hilton, was a compliment of the highest kind in 2003, when Hilton and her partner in crime, Nicole Richie, were trying rural America on for size each week on FOX's "The Simple Life." Ten years later, after BFFs Snooki and JWOWW paid homage to Hilton and Richie in a BuzzFeed photo shoot, Hilton dug the catchphrase out from the bottom of her Birkin bag to give the girls her thumbs up on their imitation of the iconic "Simple Life" hat tip to "American Gothic." What more can be said?!


"Loves it ;)" Hilton also tweeted of their spot-on recreation. Considering the socialite originally coined the tag line to honor the likes of off-duty cops and fast food -- as seen in the "Simple Life" supercut below -- we think her latest reason to say "that's hot" is a serious upgrade. Not to mention, one that's actually true.

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Photo: Courtesy of FOX, The Ragsy for BuzzFeed