'Teen Mom 3' Reunion Bombshell: Mackenzie And Josh Confess To Cheating On Each Other [Video]


Josh and Mackenzie's relationship went from bad to worse throughout the "Teen Mom 3" season, eventually ending in a roadside breakup, but little did we know the two were hiding even more skeletons in their closet off camera. On tonight's "Teen Mom 3: Finale Special," the on-again couple revealed just how deep their troubles actually went.

"He wasn't giving me the attention I wanted, and other guys were," Mackenzie tells Dr. Drew in the first clip below while fighting back tears, adding that Josh had pulled away from her so much, he couldn't bring himself to even be the slightest bit affectionate. Mackenzie says that Josh's lack of interest caused her to seek comfort in another guy, and when Dr. Drew asks if she cheated, she remains silent. "Oh, you were cheating?" Dr. Drew presses, to which Mackenzie affirms through nervous laughter and a hesitant nod.

When Josh found out about her unfaithfulness, she says, he retaliated and had a one-night stand with another girl, which in turn taught her a painful lesson. "I realized how bad it hurt," she shares.

+ Check out the videos below to hear Mackenzie and Josh discuss their infidelity, and tell us if you're shocked by their admissions.

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