'My Crazy Beautiful Life' Sneak Peek: A Scorned Ke$ha Sets Fire To Her Ex's Wardrobe


Eligible men far and wide, be warned: If you cross Ke$ha, you'll be forced to take your next morning jog in the buff. On the next episode of "My Crazy Beautiful Life," the pop star works through some fresh romantic wounds by taking a few choice garments from her ex-boyfriend's closet and tossing them into an outdoor fireplace. If you thought she was tough before, this sneak peek will have you convinced she could go a few rounds in the UFC ring.

"For every girl who's ever loved somebody with all their heart, and then they turned out to be a lying sack of dog sh**, this is for you," Ke$ha says before turning around and tossing a first bit of bunched-up fabric into the flames. The small taste of arson leaves her wanting more, though, and her crew shouts "Cleanse it in the fire!" as she continues to make ash out of her ex's wardrobe. "It's always about taking bad things and making them positive," she concludes. We can think of one pantless chump who'd beg to differ.

Check out the clip, and find out who left Ke$ha reeling when "My Crazy Beautiful Life" airs Tuesday night at 10:30/9:30c!

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